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About Small Groups

The purpose of Small Groups is to provide you with an opportunity to participate in a community of disciples who want to grow in Christ with others in a real and life changing way.

Small Groups at Golden Hills

Small Groups are integral to all that we do at Golden Hills. As our church grows larger on Sunday, we grow smaller during the week. Our groups are the perfect place to meet new friends, grow in your faith, learn more about the Bible and also discover your unique gifting and calling in Christ! We encourage everyone to be involved in a Small Group. 

Small Groups are comprised of 3-20 people who meet each week in convenient locations throughout our area. Our groups run on a trimester system where each trimester lasts for about 8-12 weeks. The groups open at strategic times during the year so new people can come in on a regular basis.

All Church Campaign Groups are now forming!

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Campaign books are now available for sale in the lobby between services

eBooks are also available!




Key dates for the upcoming Small Group Campaign Season

Dec 3 - First day to apply to be a Campaign Group Leader

Dec 31 - First day to signup for a Campaign Group

Dec 31 - Campaign Workbooks available for sale

Jan 14 - First week of Campaign Groups

Jan 21 - New Leader Orientation/Training

Jan 14 - SG Leader Class begins: "Basic Beliefs Every Christian Should Know"

Jan 20 - SG Leader Trimester Training

Jan 21 - First Campaign Sermon

Jan 28 - Last day to signup for a Campaign Group

Feb 25 - Last Campaign Sermon

For More Information, please contact Sunny Fenyes at the Small Group office
925.516.0653 x7150 //