Rick MoePastor of Adult Education and Senior Ministries(925) 516-0653 x7124

About Senior Adult Ministry

The purpose of Senior Adult Ministry is to make disciples who will impact those in their sphere of influence for the glory of God.

At Golden Hills we call our senior adult ministries, PrimeTimers. Our goal is to help each other continue to grow and finish strong in our walk with God, as well as be connected with other seniors in meaningful relationships. We also want to find ways to be godly influences in the lives of our kids and grandkids, as well as with our friends and neighbors. In addition to our Sunday morning class at 9:20 a.m., we usually have an event once a month. These have included socials such as game nights, picnics, movies and desserts, New Year’s Eve and Super bowl parties, and our annual Christmas Banquet. We have also gone on local trips to wonderful places like the Disney Museum, Maritime Museum, and the Golden Gate Bridge in San Francisco, as well as to the Great Western Fan Festival, California’s capital building, Filoli Gardens, and several dinner cruises on the Delta. The best place to get connected and find out what is currently happening is to join us Sunday mornings at 9:20 a.m. in room W129/130.


Sunday Class

Sunday Mornings at 9:20 a.m. in room W129/130.


Socials & Trips:


On-Going Activities:


ROMEO (Retired Old Men Eating Out)

What: We are a group of guys who enjoy getting together for lunch. We have no agenda except eating good food and talking about "whatever" - golfing, politics, the Bible, latest events, health, computers, sports, church, hobbies, what we're doing, new gadgets.... It's a great way to get to know other men and be encouraged to keep walking with our Lord.

When: 2nd & 4th Thursdays of the month at noon.

Location: Red Robin Restaurant in The Streets of Brentwood shopping area: 2385 Sand Creek Rd., Brentwood.

Sign-ups: Not needed, just show up.

More info: Mike is in charge of our men's lunch group: (925) 783-9338.



JULIET (Just Us Ladies Interested in Eating Too)

What: The ladies have really enjoyed getting together once a month to talk and build relationships with each other. The room has been beautifully decorated and there has been a door prize each month as well.

When & Location: JULIET meets the first Thursday of each month. One month we meet at the church from 1:30-3:00 p.m. The next month at a restaurant from 11:30 a.m. March 2nd luncheon will be at the church (W129/130) at 1:30 p.m.

Sign-ups: Please RSVP by calling or emailing Pastor Rick Moe (925-516-0653, x. 7124; rickmoe@goldenhills.org. He will pass your info along to Frances so she knows how many to plan for or make reservations for at the restaurant.



Writers' Club

What: Many of us are wanting to write various aspects of our life story for our kids and grandkids, (as well as for our own enjoyment). One gentleman has written a tract, and others have written devotionals or short stories. Whatever type of writing you are interested in, this group can help motivate you to write and offer friendly suggestions (an outsider's perspective) on
what you have written - something which we have found to be very helpful. The club has in the past had writers come in to to make presentations, and has also investigated how to publish on-line and use voice-recognition software (so you can tell your story out loud and have the computer do the hard work of typing it in. Then you can go back and edit it). It's often hard to get started writing. This group can help you get started, as well as help you finish strong.

When: 1st & 3rd Mondays of each month, 1:30 p.m. The next few meetings will be on March 6, March 20, April 10, April 24,
May 8, and May 22.

Location: Global Outreach (GO) room (W131) at the Brentwood Campus.

Sign-ups: Not needed, just show up.

More info: Please call Pastor Rick Moe with any questions you may have - (925) 516-0653, x7124, or see Mary Lee Sprague in the PrimeTimers' Sunday class.                   

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Grief Share

What: Have you lost someone recently? This support group can help guide you through the grief process. It's always easier when grief is shared, so we encourage you to join with others who will encourage and support you, even as you encourage and support them.

When: Tuesdays, 7:00 p.m. There will be three sessions in 2017: Jan. 10th thru April 11th, May 16th thru Aug. 15th, and Sept. 12th thru Dec. 12th.

Location: GHCC Brentwood Campus Board Room.

Sign-ups: Not needed, just show up.

More info: Call the church office to register or ask any questions you may have - (925) 516-0653, x7163.

Widow's Luncheon

When: Third Wednesdays of each month, 11:30 a.m. Location: Harvest Time Assembly of God Church, 2200 Ventura Dr., Brentwood, CA 94513. Sign-ups: Please call Linda Anglin to let her know you are coming (510) 541-5048. What: We like to cooperate with other churches, and Harvest Time Church had been putting on their Widow's Luncheon for 20+ years. Ladies from churches all over the area attend the Widow's Luncheon, including several ladies from GHCC. Each month about 25-35 widows meet together for singing, birthday celebrations, encouragement, a delicious lunch, and a devotional from God's Word provided by a pastor from one of the local churches. (Pastor Rick Moe from GHCC usually speaks in January). The Widow's Luncheon is held on the third Wednesday of every month (except December, which is on the second Wednesday). Because they need to know how much food to prepare, Linda asks that you call her at (510) 541-5048 to let her know you are coming, (or, if you are a regular attender, if you cannot make it). The luncheon is provided free of charge thanks to the wonderful folks at Harvest Time Church.

BART Tickets for Seniors

We provide this information on purchasing BART tickets because we take BART on some of our trips.

BART SeniorClipper Card

Plastic Clipper senior cards are specially encoded to automatically calculate the discounted cash fare each time you use the card. It is a like a debit card. The Clipper card is a convenient and secure way to manage your Bay Area transportation fares and transfers in an easy-to-use, all-in-one, reloadable card. The Clipper card is accepted on all Muni vehicles, BART, AC Transit, Caltrain, SamTrans, VTA, and Golden Gate Transit and Ferry, and San Francisco Bay and Oakland/Alameda ferry service. BART tickets were sold at some retail locations around the Bay Area. However, as of May 2012, the retail network has been phased out for discount paper BART tickets, and transitioned to the plastic Clipper card.

Why is the payment card called Clipper?

They are named after the clipper ships whose speed revolutionized travel from the East Coast to the West Coast during the California Gold Rush Era.

How do senior fare discounts work with Clipper?

Seniors can save 62% of their fare to ride BART. BART fares are set with a mileage-based formula, therefore time-based passes (e.g., weekly or monthly) are not available. Whenever you tap your Senior Clipper card to a Clipper reader, the system will automatically apply the relevant discount. You must be 65 years or older to apply. 3 Easy Steps:

  1. Application--Take a completed application and your valid driver's license to Tri-Delta Transit at 801 Wilbur Ave. in Antioch, Monday thru Thursday from 7 a.m. to 6 p.m. and Friday from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m., to obtain a FREE, plastic Clipper card. (925) 754-6622. (Note: You cannot put money on the card at this location and a Clipper card at Walgreens costs $3.00. Also, you can't buy a Clipper card from a vending machine at BART stations).
  2. Register your Clipper card at http://www.clippercard.com/ClipperWeb/index.do. Click on "Register a Card." You will need to provide a valid email address. Registering your card helps protect your Clipper account.
  3. Auto-Load--Lastly, you will need to load money to your new Clipper card. At Walgreens and on clippercard.com, there is no required minimum for new cards. (Beginning May 2011, Safeway no longer sells BART discount cards, nor can they auto-load.) If you pay with cash, your Clipper card is active immediately. If you use a credit card, it may take up to 3-5 days for your new Auto-load set-up to take effect. For your convenience, you can also load value onto your card at ticket vending machines in any BART station with cash.

How do I gain access to my card information on Clipper's new Automated Phone Service?

If you haven't registered your Clipper card yet, you will need to register it online at http://www.clippercard.com/ClipperWeb/index.do. Registration is simple: you will be asked for the serial number on the back of your Clipper card, and for additional contact information, a valid email address.

What should I do if my card is lost or stolen?

If your card is registered with the Clipper Customer Service Center, your balance is secure. You can report your card lost or stolen by:

  1. Logging in to your "My Clipper" account and clicking on "Report lost or stolen card."
  2. Calling (877)878-8883. (TDD/TTY 711 or (800)735-2929).

Your card will be blocked from further use at the end of the business day (you're responsible for its value until then) and we'll mail you a new card. For infrequent riders and out of town guests: You can purchase a Senior (green) paper discount ticket at Tri-Delta Transit in Antioch. The card is a $24.00 value for $9.00. The tickets do not have an expiration date. Also, if you have guests coming in through San Francisco Airport (SFO), they can buy red (for disabled) and green tickets (for seniors) from the ticket retailer in front of the SFO BART Station. More information: http://www.sfmta.com/cms/mfares/SeniorClipperinformationpage.htm