- equipping a generation of believers to engage our neighbors with the gospel -

Biola University's Apologetics Department is partnering with Golden Hills Community Church and Third Column Ministries to host this two-day apolgetics conference where we will specifically be seeking to train Christians on how to lovingly reach Mormons, Muslims, Jehovah Witnesses, and Scientific Skeptics. Come hear from some of the leading Christian thinkers and speakers of our day as they tackle some of today’s most commonly asked questions, such as...How do you dialogue with someone who believes in science, but not God? Is there evidence for the Resurrection? What do you say when a Mormon knocks on your door?

Mere Creation - Engaging the Scientific Skeptic

- Melissa Travis -

Responding in Love to Your Muslim Neighbors

- Alan Shlemon -

Speaking the Truth in Love to the Latter-Day Saints

- Craig Hazen -

I Beg to Differ - How to Engage Skeptics with Truth and Love

- Tim Muehlhoff -

Evidence for the Resurrection

- Craig Hazen -

Craig Hazen, Melissa Travis, Alan Shlemon,

Don Hester, Phil Ward, Billy Parker,

Don Nelson, Don Traver, Amet Fall & Alex DeSylvio-Fall


Ticket Pricing thru March 31st

General Admission: $30
Student Admission: $20
(w/valid student ID presented at the event)

Ready to Go Deeper?

After the conference, join one of the apologetics classes offered at Golden Hills Community Church.

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