Mar 19, 2017

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Children's Ministries

Would you like to serve in a classroom? We have openings at the 9:20 and 10:55 services in all ages and also in our special needs classes. For more info, contact, or stop by the CM office.


June 12-16 @ BC. Volunteer sign ups continue online and in the CM Ofc. Giving trees are in both lobbies to help offset costs. VBS is for Kinders-5th Grade. We have a nursery-preschool program for our volunteers' kids.

Middle School Student Ministries

Hume Lake Registration is NOW OPEN online.

Register online @

8th Grade Parents/students: Come meet our HS Pastor Candidate Steven Mendez TODAY @ 1:30pm in the HS Amp.
MSM Small Group Night Out: NEXT Wednesday, March 29th.

High School Student Ministries

Hume Lake Registration is NOW OPEN online.

Register online @

Parent & Students: Meet & greet with Steven Mendez (HS Pastor Candidate) TODAY @ 1:30pm in the HS Amp.
HSM Small Group Night Out: NEXT Thursday, March 30th.

Young Adult Ministries

Kairos: Tues @ 7pm, MPR.
Engage Apologetics Conference (3/31-4/1): $20 with Student ID.
Small Group Sign Ups THIS Tuesday--Galatians study ($8/book).

Primetimers Ministries

PrimeTimers Sunday Class @ 9:20am in W129/130. Studying the Book of Mark taught by Gary Middleton.
For future events, call x7124 or visit; 4/29-Oakland Aviation Museum.

Adult Education And Enrichment

Starts Sun, 4/2, 10:55am:

1) Understanding Jehovah's Witnesses
Most Jehovah Witnesses have received extensive training to answer the objections of Christians and get you to consider their beliefs. It is possible to win them to Christ--just ask Don Nelson who used to be a JW and now attends Golden Hills. However, if you want to bring a JW to faith in Jesus Christ it will take some training so you know how to exalt Jesus as the eternal Son of God, not as a lesser being as the JW's teach.

2) Understanding Scientific Skeptics
Who is a "Scientific Skeptic"? Someone who believes in science, but is not sure whether there is a God or not. Their "religion" is science, and they see faith as non-scientific, and therefore, suspect. They might believe that "science has proved that we don't need a God because all things started at the big bang and have evolved from there." This 9-week class will teach you how to dialogue with someone who holds these types of beliefs in a caring and thoughtful way.

3) Tactics
"The Gospel of Jesus Christ is offensive enough, we don't need to be offensive ourselves." It's sometimes difficult to engage people of other worldviews without becoming aggressive; and when this happens we often lose our witness. In this 7-week class, we will learn communication skills that equip us to be more gracious and diplomatic, yet be even more clear and persuasive. Whether you are a trained theologian, or a soccer mom who only knows the basics of the faith, Tactics will equip you to engage the world with confidence and grace.

Understanding Mormons begins Tue 4/4, 7pm

Ever had two Mormon elders knock on your door and wonder what to say? Do you invite them in or send them away? Could you intelligently talk with them if you invited them in? Billy Parker is a former Mormon who has become a Christian and now attends Golden Hills. In this 9-week class, he will teach you what the Mormons believe, and how their beliefs don't stand up to scrutiny. Learn how he came out of Mormonism and how you can lead your Mormon friends and neighbors to question their own beliefs, and begin understanding true Christianity. Led by Billy Parker.

Understanding Muslims 4/29, 9-3:30

"The Muslim, My Neighbor - the Muslim, My neighbor with whom I want to share the Greatest Gift that God has given to humanity, His Son Jesus Christ. As a Christian coming from a Muslim background, living within Muslim Communities, I would, along with my wife, like to share my experiences, my years in ministry amongst Muslims, sharing with them the Gospel of our Lord Jesus Christ."

This 1-day training seminar is a dynamic interactive study that equips believers to share their Christian beliefs with their Muslim neighbors with compassion and understanding. Participants will learn to bridge the gospel, understand the New Testament's credibility, explain Jesus' sacrifice, and more. Using real-life stories, interviews, and practical teaching, this class will clear up the confusion surrounding Islam and help participants see Muslims as Jesus sees them. (This class will use the popular "Bridges" material developed by the Crescent Project). Drinks provided. Bring your own lunch. Book is included in class fee. This 1 Day Class is from 9:00am to 3:30pm. Cost: $15.00.

Register online!

Core Men's Ministry

Men's Wednesday Night Bible Study @ 7pm in W234/235. New study: Philippians.

Meeting now through April 26th, we are being lead through the book of Philippians. There were also perils to watch for, because there were enemies of the church, both inside and outside. Paul warns the Philippians of the present dangers of a self-seeking attitude and an attitude of pride, both of which could lead to harmful divisions. The Book of Philippians also contains the most profound statement of the meaning of the incarnation (2:5-11). The theme of the book is "JOY" or "Rejoicing in the Lord." The word "Joy" in its various forms occurs 16 times. Taught by Bill Uhlrich.

Women's Ministries

New Ladies Bible Study: Covenant--God's Enduring Promises by Kay Arthur begins Tues, 4/4 @ 9am & 7pm W129/130. Cost: $20. Register TODAY at the table out front!

Covenant: Through this DVD study by Kay Arthur, we will see how covenant is God's enduring promise, and how this is key to understanding our relationship to God. Learn about the remarkable ways the old covenant points to the promises of the new covenant. You will have an entirely new appreciation of what it means to be in covenant with God. Cost: $20.00. Caring Hands Childcare available, $5 per child, per event; reservation required by calling Cher @ 516-0653 x7120.

TeenMOPS: Mon, 3/20, 5:30-8pm in E151-153.

If you are a teen mom who is pregnant, or a teen mom with a child under 6 years old, you'll love the practical and emotional support through great speakers, fun activities, and interaction with mentor moms. Visit our webpage for more info at

Global Outreach

Hear about God's work through Amet & Alexia's ministry in Senegal on Monday @ GO Praise & Prayer; 7pm in GO Room (W131).
1-Day Bridges Class: Sat, 4/29. Info @
Table Hostesses for RFK Tea: Sign up out front TODAY.

Recovery Ministry

Celebrate Recovery meets on Fridays @ 7pm in Brentwood & on Mondays @ 7pm in Antioch. Come celebrate God's healing power in our lives through the 12 steps.
Divorce Care meets on Monday nights @ Brentwood. Call x7163.

Antioch Campus

Join us for an introduction to this year's VBS at the AC & a potluck on Tues, 3/28 at 6:30pm. This first meeting is your opportunity to learn what Galactic Starveyors is all about. Please RSVP to Rene at 777-9465. AC VBS is July 17-21

This first meeting is a preview of what is to come July 17-21. Come check out the curriculum, get reacquainted with last year's VBS volunteers, sign up to volunteer, and choose where you would prefer to serve. If you have never served at VBS and are considering it, now is the time to start praying about how and where the Lord can use you. Volunteers are needed in many areas, and both men and women can serve. This informative meeting is just for you and will answer all of your questions! Bring some food to share and join the fun! More VBS meetings will be held in June.

Community Outreach Center

We are praying that God will enlarge our team to be His hands extended to our community in a mighty way. If you are interested in exploring serving with us, our next Info Tour & Dinner are THIS Fri, 3/24. Call Sophia at 778-1893 for info.

Small Group Ministry

REMEMBER! Small Group Sign-ups begin NEXT Sunday, March 26th.

Small Groups will meet on various nights of the week for about 1 to 2 hours for 8-12 weeks. This is a great place to meet new friends, grow in your faith, and study God's Word together. Don't miss out. Get connected; most groups close once studies begin. For more information about signing-up, check our small group page under the GROW link at

Shepherding Ministries

Our next Baptism classes are on Sunday, 4/2 @ 9:20am & 10:55am in W244, and Thursday, 4/6 @ 7pm in W131.

Learn about Baptism and why Christ commands us to be baptized as a necessary step to discipleship. Classes usually meet the 1st Sunday and 1st Thursday of the month. Sign-up w/Sunny at x7150.

Brentwood Baptisms

Being baptized TODAY at 2:30pm in the Brentwood MPR:

Rod Aboke         Linda Suniga
Marco Gentile    Cody Wolfenbarger
Madison Hord    Bo Wu
Tyler Parrett       Lan Wu
Katie Stahli        Zhenghua Wu
Gilbert Suniga


Engage Conference, 3/31-4/1. Our church's theme this year is how to be a witness for Christ. During this weekend conference, we will learn from some of the best speakers in the country. Tickets on sale out front.

We want to learn how to talk to others in a non-offensive and friendly way. That is the main purpose for this weekend conference.

Do you have a heart to hostess or serve at our 6th Annual Royal Family Kids Tea Party Fundraising event on Sat, 4/29? This event raises funds to bless local foster children. Please stop by our table TODAY for more info.
Our Lord is at work in Senegal through Amet & Alexia, our ministry partners serving there. Greet them tomorrow night (3/20) at GO Praise & Prayer @ 7pm in the GO Room, or meet them after the services on Sun, 4/2.
All Church Prayer: Join us TOMORROW night (Mon, 3/20) at 7pm in W248. Everyone is welcome to come pray with our deacons and others.
GHCC Budget Report: Our 2017 general fund is running at 89% of budget. This represents a year-to-date shortfall of $154,476. Praise the Lord for meeting our every need (Phil. 4:19), and for your faithfulness.